Nicole’s Community: How a Community and Children Succeed

Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children. They want to see all of their kids' dreams come true and watch them grow and succeed in the future.

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A cafeteria with children getting food
Life’s Hope: On a Mission to Fight Summer Hunger

With summer heating up, millions of children are struggling to find the fun in the season. Their families are stretching their budgets to the breaking point. With almost 30 million students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals at school, this summer could be catastrophic.

Child smiling while standing outdoors
Five Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

When we think of summer, we think of carefree days. For many students, that’s the case. But research shows that there’s a downside to that.

Deb Riley smiling in an office
Meet Deb: A Longtime Donor and Loving Grandmother

“I keep everything that they send me, and it's all on my desk. I display it so my coworkers can come by and see how beautiful each of the children are,” Deb Riley told us, smiling and glancing at half-dozen photocopied pictures.

A girl sitting at a desk alone in a classroom
Summer Slide and Food Insecurity

Most of us imagine summer break as a time of play and relaxation for kids. The phrase “summer slide” sounds like it belongs in that picture – like a slide at a playground or water park, it should be something fun, right?

How Summer Hunger Affects Children

Hunger is around us every day. During the summer months, the problem can affect even more kids. Almost 30 million students in U.S. public schools qualify for the federally assisted meal program. Students who receive a free or reduced-price school lunch during the school year are especially at risk in the summer.

A child eating with other children at a table
Building Stronger Kids with Better Food

Malnutrition steals kids’ health. Fight malnutrition with Feed the Children and Nu Skin by becoming a part of something so much bigger — a team who fights to feed kids.

Joyce and her son standing outdoors
Joyce’s Struggle

Joyce held off on visiting a food pantry for as long as she could. She’s received support in the form of Christmas gifts and school supplies for her kids from her local YMCA, but there’s something about accepting food that feels different.

A boy with arms raised standing outdoors
Innocent’s New School

Because the school was so far, many of the younger children in the community just didn’t attend – the distance was too far. Parents would keep their children at home until they felt the kids were strong enough to endure the long walk.

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